lunes, 15 junio 2020

Las escuelas están cerradas, el trabajo, paralizado al igual que nuestras actividades diarias, como pasar el rato con los amigos o estudiar en la biblioteca. Sin embargo, es una oportunidad para pasar tiempo en familia.

Five ways to make confinement more fun for the little ones in the house

Confinement can make our days seem repetitive, especially for children as they do not have a set schedule to follow. We know the struggle parents feel to keep their children busy and entertained. We understand how stressful it is to balance everything, especially during these times. There is no need to worry! We have put together some activities to keep your kids entertained and your mind calm.

Video calls with your loved ones or read a story together

Depending on how many people there are at home, this activity could help reduce the feeling of loneliness. As children do not go to school or see their friends, we must prioritize that they do not feel isolated, creating a sense of empathy and togetherness.

This will help teach children to stay in touch with loved ones, while also making it easier for them to adjust to confinement.

Try fun experiments

Did you know that scientific experiments can be done with just baking soda and water? In fact, there are countless videos on YouTube about how to do experiments using only products that we have at home.

Try preparing homemade hand sanitizer with your children and share the result with your loved ones. Just make sure you follow the instructions and be very careful!

Put your little ones’ culinary skills to the test

When distributing household chores, you could assign your children to prepare some simple meals (always under the supervision of an adult!). You can take advantage of this idea to prepare a good healthy dish with those ingredients that they usually like the least.

Once the cooking is finished, you can clean and wash the dishes together.

Recreate a film production

Children are full of imagination. Quarantine can be an opportunity to motivate and express the creativity of your children. Recreating a movie production or inventing a new script is an excellent way to stimulate the imagination of the little ones in the house.

A movie has several characters, so this is an activity that the whole family can participate in. This type of original activities brings people together and encourages teamwork.

When the movie is ready, share it on your social networks to entertain other family and friends from home.

Sign up for free educational sessions

With the closure of schools across the country, parents are concerned about how to continue their children’s education from home. If you are one of those parents, we have a proposal for you!

Many online education academies now offer FREE subscriptions to provide your children with education from home during quarantine. Here are some of these online resources that your kids can start using today.

List of free educational subscriptions in English:

Purple mash


BookCreator App


CK-12 Foundation



Discovery Ed


Education Perfect

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