In addition to ruined infrastructure, the unemployment rate is extremely high, with some estimates reaching 85%. More than a decade after the war, many families who lost their homes still do not have a stable home as they cannot afford to rebuild. Winters in Chechnya are cold and harsh and even worse, families live in constant fear of operating one of the approximately 500,000 mines buried throughout the country.

Islamic Relief in Chechnya

We began working in response to the conflict in 1995, helping refugees with emergency food, clean water, housing and medical care. We support orphans through our sponsorship programs, and we work with the Food Assistance Program to provide hot meals for children in schools, ensuring their good health to acquire good learning.

We also have long-term programs such as rebuilding houses and infrastructure and livelihood programs. With such a high unemployment rate, we give families the opportunity to be able to generate work for themselves.

Current project: Livestock as a means of subsistence

Thousands of women were left widows after the war, with children and without a livelihood. The high unemployment rate made the situation more difficult. Islamic Relief currently delivers an animal that provides them with sustenance. Each family is given a pregnant cow that produces milk and dairy products, which feed the family and at the same time is a new income by selling the products in the market. In addition to this, when the cow gives birth, the new calf is given to another family in need and thus the cycle continues, helping many families to obtain their own livelihood.

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