On December 26, 2004, Sri Lanka was hit by one of the worst natural disasters of the century. A tidal wave in the Indian Ocean created a powerful tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people, and destroyed houses and infrastructure. Many of those who survived lost everything they had. In many cases, members of your family and in others, houses and all kinds of livelihoods.

Islamic Relief in Sri Lanka

Islamic Relief began working in Sri Lanka in response to the tsunami disaster, distributing emergency food to survivors, focusing on Ampara, one of the worst affected districts. Efforts then turned to helping people recover from the disaster, and a few weeks later Islamic Relief engineers began building temporary shelters and digging wells to meet the needs of those left with nothing.

After the emergency phase, we focus on long-term sustainable development projects, through building permanent houses in Kalmunai Tamil and helping people to get their lives back.

In addition to these activities, the one-to-one orphan sponsorship program was launched to support the thousands of children who were orphaned by the tsunami.

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